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Native American Flute Videos

Videos by Scott August featuring the Native American style flute,
Pueblo/Anasazi style flute, Chinese Xiao and more.

Beyond Summer
A Live Looping Song for NAF

From the album Beyond Summer

Buffalo Dance
A Live Looping Song for 3 NAFs

From the album Beyond Summer

Quiet Journey for Pueblo/Anasazi style flute

From the album Hidden Journey

Whale Song for Bass NAF

Chaco Mystery

From the album Beyond Summer

Solstice Song

Duet for two Native American flute

Silent Mystery

For Pueblo/Anasazi style flute

Buying a Pueblo/Anasazi style flute

What to look for when buying an "Anasazi" style flute

Scarborough Fair for Xiao

Visit the Scarborough Fair Web Page

Wind of the Desert for Xiao


Babou's Bounce for NAF

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