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The Cedar Mesa Music Digital Store

How to Manage Your Digital Download Purchase from Cedar Mesa Music

All music sold by the Cedar Mesa Music Digital Store is encoded in the MP3 format. This is the most common type of downloadable digital audio file and will play on all digital music players, like iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well as all MP3 devices, like iPods, and can even be burned to an MP3 discs and played in your car.

Cedar Mesa Music puts album downloads in a .zip folder to allow for quicker and more reliable downloads. Therefore what you downloaded will have .zip at the end of its name. For example, if you downloaded Distant Spirits the download would be called "" Single song downloads may not be in a .zip folder, in which case you can skip step 2 below.

Please Note

Downloads must be done with a Desktop or Laptop computer. They will not download to smart phones or tablets. You can transfer them to your devices once you have downloaded the files to a computer
How to add your downloads to iTunes in three easy steps.

1. Locate your Download
After you finish downloading your purchase the first thing to do is locate where your browser put the .zip folder (Your download). If you don't know where that is you can usually find that information in the preferences section of your browser.

2. Open the Download folder
For Mac users: Double-Click the folder. For PC users: either Double-Click, or Right+Click the folder and choose "Extract All" from the pop up menu.

When you open the .zip folder it will automatically create a new folder with the name of the Album or Song. For example Distant Spirits will be called Distant Spirits. This is where the audio files (songs) are located.

3. Add to iTunes
To get your download into iTunes you can either drag the new folder over the Library section of the iTunes sidebar, or chose "Add to Library…" from the file menu. Just like uploading a photo to Facebook.

You are now ready to enjoy the music Scott August!

If you have any additional questions please contact us
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