Sacred Dreams by Scott August

Scott August explores the hidden places and sacred lands of the
Four Corners to create intimate portraits of the of the American Southwest.

WINNER! Native American Music Award

Sombra de La Luna (solo)

Sacred Dreams

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Album Description

Explore the hidden places and sacred lands of the Four Corners with these intimage portraits of the people and places of the American Southwestl August's haunting solos on Native American Woodland flutes, Plains flutes, and Southwest clay flutes reverberate with the natural sounds of the canyons. Native vocals, pulsing drums and other indegenous instruments will carry you away throught the timeless spiritlands.

An abandoned cliff dewlling. A quiet canyon. thunder echoing off sandstone cliffs. Lose yourself in the reverie of Sacred Dreams.

Editorial Reviews

"August does a masterful job of setting a mood and transporting the listener to a place we become familiar with even if we have never been there. The American Southwest is a magical and mysterious place and August captures the ambience of this place perfectly. [Sacred Dreams] is an outstanding CD..."
-Voice of the Wind:
Journal of The International Native American Flute Association

"Sacred Dreams captures gorgeous, earthy tapestries of Native American flute conversing, dancing and playing with Mother Nature's own musicality. Weaving the songs of birds, crickets and insects with the flute's woody call this award-winning album captures the environment of the southwest: a quiet canyon, an abandonded pueblo, thunder echoing off sandstone cliffs. Scott August presents a heartfelt experience for relaxation, grounding and inward looking.
-CD Baby

"August continues to explore the vividly hued vistas of the Native Southwest with his second [CD] Sacred Dreams. The subtle sounds of lonely flutes, earthy percussion, kalimba and voice call to mind the panoramic landscapes of the region... nature sounds [add] a living, breathing feel. If you enjoy...Native flute music [Sacred Dreams] is sure to please."
-Music Design -In Review

Listener Reviews

"Sacred Dreams' is the perfect CD to listen to when you want to be reminded that life consits of more than just the mundane. Scott August has created a soundscape that allows the mind to travel to it's own sacred they on the rim of a canyon or in the heart of an old memory. With each listen I am continually amazed at where I end up. From the first note, right through to the last, August has created music that echoes the heart of life's journey.

For anyone who wants to reconnect, who wishes to catch flight on an echoing memory, who understands the journeys we all take--"Sacred Dreams" is music that will transport and transform you."
-Tracy, Sedona, AZ

"[Sacred Dreams] is a wonderful CD."
-Wendy Fellers, Swallowtail Gallery

Another job well done!
-Robert Doyle, Canyon Records

"I love the CD, the reviews were not exaggerating, they are great, your music, composition, & playing terrific."
-Barbara Turner, Sierra Madre, CA

"Scott we love your CD, we play when we go to bed and it gives us a wonderful intro to our dreams."
-Yolanthe, Los Angeles

"Once again, August has been able to transport the listener to places unknown and only imagined. Mystical voices, and the sounds of beautiful haunting flutes form a trapistry of textures in sound that have given this work of art, a soul all it's own. A must have for quiet moments, reflection and meditation. "
-Tish, Phoenix, AZ

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