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Scott August now offers
Private Lessons online via Skype or iChat
Private Native American Style Flute (NAF) Lessons:

w_0444scott.jpgNow you can take private lessons, one-on-one, with Native American Music Award winner Scott August no matter where you live, using Skype . Learn in a relaxed, non-threatening, non judgmental setting, at your own pace.

Lessons are tailored to match each student's individual needs and goals, whether you are a Beginner or more Advanced.

Scott August has developed a teaching technique to get you playing better in as little as 4 weeks. Allowing you to:

Gain confidence in your NAF playing abilities
Get out of a rut
Move quickly up to the next level
Remember what you play

There are three basic subjects to pick from:

NAF Playing Skills or Song-Writing for NAF or End-Blown Flutes (Anasazi, Mojave, etc.)

Choose one or combine both to accelerate your progress.

NAF Playing Skills:
Learn how to improve your technique,
Avoid common playing problems,
Strengthen your fingers
Become more comfortable with the NAF
Add trills, turns and other ornamentations to your playing
Discover special effects and tricks
How to do tonguing effects
Enhance and strengthen your vibrato
Expand your breathing techniques
Learn to play with a beat

Song-Writing for NAF (Playing From the Heart)

Develop your song writing and Playing from the Heart abilities
Gain a better understanding of the NAF scale and how it works.
Improve your skills at improvisation (Playing from the Heart)
Explore composing your own melodies
Delve into basic song forms
Find out how rhythm works and make it work for you.

End-Blown Flutes (Anasazi, Mojave, etc.)

Introduction to the Anasazi flute
How to hold the flute
Lip position and placement "embouchure"
Getting your first notes
Perfecting your tone
Exploring the scales
Breath control
Tips to improving your technique

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What students are saying about Private Lessons with Scott August

"This past week, I had the distinct pleasure of having my first lesson with Scott. I had signed up for a 30 min lesson however, I got my money's worth as we ran over by 10-15 mins. [Scott] tries not to schedule back-to-back lessons just so it allows for some overage. We started with basic embouchure and a suggestion that...has allowed me to get to the second octave notes easier as well as smoothing out the fundamental octave notes. ...we covered several topics and basic drills that I think will be beneficial to furthering my end blown progress. It has already!!

Needless to say, I would recommend anyone interested in improving their end blown playing to consider taking a lesson or two. I don't think you'll be sorry."
-Mark, Albuquerque, NM

"Lessons with Scott are fun and you will learn."
-Dawn, N

Requirements: Valid Skype account, web cam and mic, flute, PDF reader, metronome
Prices are for lessons and materials only and do not include the above requirements.

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Lesson availability and pricing are subject to change.


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