Hidden Journey by Scott August

An exciting musical adventure of Native American style flutes, ancient Anasazi flutes,
tribal drums, latin guitars, pianos, and an assortment of exotic world-instruments.

Hidden Journey

Searching for the Ancients


Hidden Journey

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Album Description

Set out on an exciting and invigorating adventure into the secluded back-country of the American Southwest. Evocative ancient flutes, powerful tribal drums, fiery latin guitars, soothing pianos, and an assortment of exotic world-instruments will accompany you on your red rock adventure. Bask in warm deserts. Hike between cool canyon cliffs. Discover a hidden oasis. Explore an ancient ruin. Scott August’s powerful soundscapes will stimulate your soul and enchant your spirit as they guide you on your own Hidden Journey.

Reviews and Comments for the music of Scott August

"August has always been a cut or two above most native flute players...he's taken it a step further on Lost Canyons. He layers guitars, keyboards and all kinds of percussion into his compositions, moving from world fusion to airy ambiences.
August sets [the Native flute] in a vibrant global landscape...and lets it drift into ambient space. Lost Canyons is a place you won't mind losing your map. It's our December CD of the Month on Echoes"
-John Diliberto, Echoes Radio

Another masterpiece for this genre of music, Scott delivers one of the most soothing and inspiring CD's I've heard in quite sometime. Take a trip to the southwestern U.S. and venture through nature and the spirits of the tribes that dominated the area for thousands of years, the Pueblos, Navaho, Hopi and many others.

Scott August, is one of only a handful of musicians to master the Anasazi rim blown flute. He incorporates many other rare instruments on this CD truly designating the beauty as world music. This 12 track instrumental collection features "Morning Star", "Swallows and Nighthawks", "Lost Canyons" and "Evening Star". A beautiful piece of work. Five Stars"
-Cashbox Magzine

"Radiant Sky is an ambient masterpiece and confirms Scott August as a master of world music. The compositions suggest an awakening of consciousness, a sonic vision quest tethered to the sacred sites of the southwest. Radiant Sky provides an open window for total immersion into "mystery" and is without a doubt one of the highlight world recordings of 2010. "
-Darrell Koerner, Chelsea Green Publishing

"Lost Canyons is captivating, engaging and exhilarating. It nourishes your spirit and is a balm for the soul. ...brilliantly conceived."
-Voice of the Wind magazine

"This is August's best work to date. This is saying a great deal when considering the high level of his previous works that have garnered so much acclaim. ...all lovers of Native Flute music will find New Fire enthralling from the opening measure to the final flute flourish. ...engaging, rhythmic, and often mystical moments that captivate and mesmerize the listener. August has a style that is all his own that continues to evolve and grow over time. He has certainly become one of the finest composers for the Native flute on the scene today.
August's prior offerings have been well received garnishing him two NAMMY nominations, one for Distant Spirits his debut offering and a win this year in the Native Heart category for Sacred Dreams. He continues to produce outstanding works inspired by the grandeur of the American South West. August has a smooth, clean, and polished style using Native American flutes and world instruments to produce a unique and soothing sound.
-Voice of the Wind:
Journal of The International Native American Flute Association

"Lost Canyons demonstrates Scott August's multi-instumental talents as well as his artistic flute stylings.  "Morning Star's"  inspired solo flute, transports one to a high place looking down over vast canyon expanse at sunrise, a magical experience.  Raven's Dance showcases Scott's ability to blend complex textures utilizing western instruments which he plays flawlessly.  His best work yet, listen and let your spirit soar."
-DJ Thorton, KSBR

"The new CD [Lost Canyons] is fabulous, especially the strong opening flute solo that so resonates with me and my love of the rivers and canyons of the Southwest."
-P Smith, Santa Fe, NM

"This latest recording by Scott August follows in his tradition of deftly joining Native American themes with a unique world instrument tonal texture to give his music a panache rarely found in any other recording artists. He deserves all the accolades he has received. I believe that this newest CD will also become another honor winner."
-M Jackson, CA

"Lost Canyons is playing as I write. It is really BEAUTIFUL!"
-P Frazier, Sedona, AZ

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