Native American flute samples

Scott August's recordings features Native American flutes.
Read and listen about one of them.

This a "Woodland" style flute made by Hawk Little John and Geri Little John of Woodsong flutes. A "Woodland" style flutes is more mellow than the "Plains" style flutes of the other featured flutes.

This flute is made of cedar.

The block, the classic Little John design, is also made of cedar as are the tips.

This is an extremely expressive flute, having a haunting sound that begs to be played solo. It has a classic Little John tone, dark, resonant, and full. This particular flute is also a little temperamental and can squeak if you're not careful. My other Woodsong flutes do not do this. This squeak is not always bad. I like to use it during the ends of notes to add expression from time to time. Most "Woodland" style flutes are not built for fast fingering and tonguing. Not that they can't be played that way, it just seems most of the time to work against their lovely, warm sound. Here is an audio sample of this flute from my second CD, Sacred Dreams.


The flute is 23-1/2" long and has a 1-1/4" bore. Hawk and Geri made it for me in 1999 and it is #63 of 250 flutes they made that year. Little John flutes are beautifully made, with simple clean lines. Unfortunately Hawk passed away a few years ago. A major loss to fans of the Native American flute. Geri is rumored to be making flutes again under the name Red Moon Flutes, but I have not spoken to her in a long time and do not have any information where to get them.

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