Scott August's Native American Flute Class

New and schedules for Scott August's
Native American flute and Anasazi flute classes

Up coming classes:

Zion Canyon Flute School
Beginning/Intermediate Anasazi flute class
May 12th - 17, 2021, Springdale, UT

Private Lessons
Study One on One with Scott August

Comments for past classes

"The class was great. Scott gave a lot of good tips on playing and we all got several chances to play... There were a couple of folks who could play relatively well. But there were other folks who struggled like me. Scott was encouraging, provided advice when he saw a need and was just a joy to be around. We got to see...some of his Anasazi flutes (he had a bunch) and he demonstrated the Hopi flute for a few minutes as well. All in all, well worth the time, including the four hours I spent on the road there and back."
-Michele from Anasazi class, March 28. 2008

"[Scott] obviously put a great deal of thought and work into the class. I felt it was well worth it. [He] really did do a wonderful job. Organized, thorough, building on each area to go to the next and funny besides. What more could a student ask? The handouts were very helpful and assured us that we had what we needed and would have the correct information to refer to at another time. Well done!"

"I learned so much and I really enjoy doing the exercises, and also enjoy just making up my own tunes.  I would definitely be interested in attending another class. It was a very nice group of people."

"It was a great class and one presented in language we could all understand - I would have liked a longer class and would have paid more, considering the quality. I was very pleased and look forward to the next one."

"[Scott] did a nice job with this. Not all "experts" are also good teachers. In fact, most are not. Things come too easily for them and thus they can't easily put themselves in the place of the student. [Scott"s] speaking/teaching style is pleasant and effective."

"I enjoyed  the learning, fun and camraderie of the class."

"The class was great."

"Well worth it...  I met some very nice folks.  That part was a neat unexpected 'add-on'.  I learned quite a bit in [Scott's] class.  I am glad I did not wait until [his] November Tucson class."

Class 01593.JPG

Scott demonstrating a playing technique.

Scott listens as a Class Member plays.

Showing how to turn ideas into Songs.

Taking a break and showing off flutes.

Demonstrating another technique on a J.P. Gomez flute.

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