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June, 2017

Santa Fe Flute School-Songwriting Workshop Photos
New Songs - Quiet Desert and Cielo Viaje
New Blog: The Quicker Way to Become a Better NAF Player
Updated Scott August Appearance Schedule
Scott August's Music on Pandora

Songwriting Workshop for Native American Style Flute
The Santa Fe Flute School's Songwriting for NAF workshop was a huge sucess! All of the students wrote their own song and then performed and recorded it in a beautiful local chapel with great accountics.
Hope to see you at our next workshop!

The Soaring Spirits 2017 Workshop participants

"I have attended two of Scott's workshops in Santa Fe. Both the duet and songwriting workshops were exceptionally well thought out and clearly presented. The groups were sized appropriately and the atmosphere very congenial. Scott is an exceptional teacher. Not only does he know his material in great depth, but he is able to convey his knowledge effectively in a non-threatening, encouraging manner. His workshops are really enjoyable, and are a very good value. Participants have a good time while learning. Scott's sense of humor comes through. I highly recommend the Santa Fe Flute School workshops. If you are considering attending one, by all means go. You will learn a lot and have a good time."
-Pete B., Phoenix, AZ

Recording a student song

"I learned more in three days than I have in the past five years on my own. It was so much fun being around other people that share the same enthusiasm for the flute and music. Since [Scott's] course I hear so much more detail in the music I listen to. I look forward to learning more from [Scott] in the future and applying what he taught me to my own music and playing style."
-Tony G., Portland, OR

Taking a quick break

"I returned home from the May, 2017, Soaring Spirits Songwriting Workshop. As always everything was well-scheduled, but flexible if need be. The venue is perfect and the instruction is impeccable. I don't take criticism well, but I never once felt like there was any. We came to Santa Fe with a song idea and Scott helped us develop it and get the timing right. It was fun to record in a beautiful venue and play several takes. The finished product engineered and edited by Scott was the best it could be. I wrote another song and have been using my new-learned skills to perfect it. The creativity has been unleashed! Thank you Santa Fe Flute School and all my wonderful classmates!"  
-Jeanne L., West Des Monies, IA

A participant performing and recording their song

"I just completed The Santa Fe Flute School's Songwriting for Native American Flute workshop. I have been trying to learn songwriting with different online courses, but got nowhere. Scott’s approach was to ground the class in vital musical fundamentals and then talk about what makes a song. Then we constructed our songs a piece at a time. Amazingly, everyone was able to create a song completely different from others. In the end, I now have a complete song, and a beginnings of a songwriting style.  Will I get a NAMMY using Scott’s lessons? Who knows? But I’ll have fun trying."
-Jim W. Denver, CO


New Songs from Songs for the Journey

Two new songs, "Quiet Desert" and "Cielo Viaje" have been posted to the Songs for the Journey page.
These recordings are part of the
online resources for The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute, 2nd Ed.

The new edition of The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute includes:
• Buying Your First Flute
• Mastering the Native American style flute scale
• Decoding Tablature for the NAF
• Getting out of ruts and staying out of them
• Understanding basic rhythms
• Complete list of Embellishments and how to use them
• 22 Alternate NAF scales
• Basic songwriting
• Duets for the NAF
• Easy exercises to improve and strengthen your fingers
• 15 New Original songs with online recordings

New Blog
The Quicker Way to Become a Better NAF Player: What a Teacher Can Do for You

If you wanted to play a pentatonic melody on a piano it would be fairly easy. Just play the black notes. You don't have to worry about breathing, squeaking, tuning, and you can clearly see the keys laid out in front of you.

Playing a pentatonic melody on a Native American style flute is actually a bit harder, especially for a beginner. With a NAF you have to think about breathing, squeaking, tuning, and the finger holes are impossible to see.

Have you ever seen a person being shown the black keys on a piano and then told to, "Play from the Heart"? Of course not. That would seem like nonsense. You would expect someone trained that way to play a bunch of disconnected, random sounds. Yet that is exactly the only training most people get on the NAF!

Read the full blog

Scott August on Pandora
Do you listen to the music of Scott August on Pandora? If so, please give each track a "Thumbs Up". Pandora's algorhythms use these to increase the number of times a song is played and increase the number of Scott August songs they pay.

Number TAB Video
Scott August has posted a short video explaining the Number TAB system for the NAF. Learn the easiest way to write and read music for the NAF.

To watch the video and download a free PDF of Number TAB, visit the
Santa Fe Flute School Number TAB page.

Other Videos
Over the past few months Scott has posted some videos to YouTube. If you haven't seen them, or just want to help drive up the "view count" please watch them again.

The latest video, Buffalo Dance, features a trio of NAF's in F#, including a low bass F# and a high F# flute. There is also free sheet music so you can join in the fun! (Watch for the surprise after the end titles.)

The Three Flutes of Buffalo Dance
Buffalo Dance

Watch a JP Gomez flute in action in the video Beyond Summer. It also has free sheet music.

Live Looping Song with JP Gomez flute
Beyond Summer

There are more videos on the Scott August YouTube channel.



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