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Winter 2011

Winter Sun
A song for NAF

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Winter Sun 

Thankfully the days are now getting longer and, hopefully soon, warmer. From my studio I can watch the sunlight moving, each day a little further, as the sun marches toward the northern hemisphere. The warm orange light creeps along a wall. Yet the air is still cold and crystal clear. As if it could shatter any minute. Spring still feels far away.

I had all these thoughts in mind when I composed Winter Sun for my private students to learn. I wanted to write a song that could highlight a few techniques that I was teaching, yet not be too challenging.

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About Winter Sun
Lately it doesn't seem like I tend to record too many songs for NAF. However, the last two free downloads,
Red Mountain and Desert Dawn were both been for NAF. (JP Gomez and Tom Biddulph flutes respectively.) When deciding which flute to use to record Winter Sun I happen to come across a Yazzie flute in the key of A I had not played in a long time, and never recorded. Its sweet clear sound seemed perfect for Winter Sun.

The Yazzie flute

Prior Yazzie flute download
Those of you that have been on my email list for a long time will remember the story and song Seven Horses that involved a Yazzie flute, and the Yazzie themselves during a trip with them to Shiprock in the Navajo heartland.

In Harmony,
~Scott August

Playing a Yazzie flute by Shiprock, NM. The rock with wings.


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