2009 American Indian Music Festival at Casa Grande Ruins

The 2009 American Indian Music Festival was held in the shadow of Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge, Arizona. The ruins are the largest Hohokom (ho-ho-KAHM) buildings found and were once four stories high. The site is thought to have been abandoned sometime in the mid 14th century. While not large compared to other sites, like Mesa Verde or Chaco Canyon, in the southwest this is one of my favortie places to visit, espcailly in the milder winter months. I try to stop by at least once and year and have written about them in an earlier blog post.

CASA GRANDE - 2009-01.jpg
"Raven Dance"

Photo © Ed Pendry

"Heart of the Sky"

Photo by Kathleen Cook © Cedar Mesa Music

CASA GRANDE - 2009-02.jpg
The crowd

Photo © Ed Pendry

CASA GRANDE - 2009-03.jpg
With the "Big House"

Photo © Ed Pendry

Playing an Ab Anasazi flute by Earth Tone flutes

Photo by Katleen Cook © Cedar Mesa Music

Another Anasazi flute by Geoffrey Ellis

Photo by Katleen Cook © Cedar Mesa Music

CASA GRANDE - 2009-13.jpg
The "Green" room behind the stage with the Ruins in the background.

Photo © Ed Pendrys

The restricted, backcountry area.

On the day after the festival ended Michael Graham Allen and I, with the escort of a ranger walked through part of the ruins that are off limits to the general public. There is not that much to see compared to the big house but we spent our time talking about the culture of the Hohokam, the history of the site and it's excavations.

Ball Court and Casa Grande Ruins
The Big House as seen from the ball court.

Compound B, Casa Grande
Compound B

Coolige and the Catalinas from Casa Grande Ruins
The town of Coolidge with the Catalina mountains in the distance


Casa Grande see notes
A doorway in the Big House.

To find out more about the Hohokam check out these books

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